Vocational Education and Training Center

The VET Center at the DABS is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training under license No 2018121458/22.11.2018

Training facilities at DABS VET Center

The DABS VET Centre has a well-equipped training facility in the town of Dobrich (with universal design to allow access for people with disabilities).

All training halls are equipped with multimedia equipment and an interactive whiteboard.

The Centre has two computer labs with total capacity for min. 22 trainees.

Trainees have unlimited access to a library with over 6,000 national and local sources and 16 computers.

Practical training in culinary professions is carried out in a large fully equipped training kitchen.

There is also a demo classroom, equipped with a modern professional cooking workstation and big TV screens. It allows trainers to demonstrate cooking techniques to over 40 attending trainees while the image is transmitted in high quality via the TV screens.

Demonstrations can also be aired in real time or used for online and distance training.


Since the official launch of the VET centre in the end of 2018, there have been already over 100 trainees enrolled.