We have a a small yet efficient administrative team, a motivated team of  VET trainers and access to a wide pool of researchers from Varna University of management (VUM).

Available expertise includes tourism, hospitality, agricultural studies, management, environmental issues, sustainable development and agriculture, cultural studies, cultural&creative industries, European policies and projects and social entrepreneurship. Currently 9 persons administrative and management staff and 23 part-time trainers and experts are working in the association.

DABS’s boasts sound organizational capacity and experience in the implementation of research and capacity building projects, efficient stakeholder management and elaboration of strategic documents and action plans. 

DABS Chairperson Todor Radev chairs the Dobrich Regional Academic Centre of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


Our experts

  • Assoc. Prof. Todor Radev PhD

    Assoc. Prof. Todor Radev PhD

    Assoc.Prof.Radev (Ph.D. in Economics from the Bulgarian Academy of Science) is the President of Varna University of Management. He teaches and carries out research in the field of organizational behaviour; has long experience as manager and supervisor of international projects supported by the World Bank, EU Operational Programs in Bulgaria, TEMPUS, Erasmus, etc. He was on the privatization board of Albena Resort in Bulgaria (1997-2001); member of the Board of Directors of Albena Resort; founding member of Albena-Invest Investment Fund (1996); Prof. Radev leads the Dobrich Regional Academic Centre of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, whose expert team will contribute to CULINART’s sustainability.

  • Klara Dimitrova

    Klara Dimitrova

    Mrs. Dimitrova is the person that led the establishment of the DABS VET Centre. She has over 30 years of professional experience in VET and high school accreditation in Bulgaria, validation and recognition of learning outcomes (including for disadvantaged learners such as migrants). She has managed projects supported by Atlantis, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, and European Social Fund. She has acted as external evaluator of the LdV Programme.

  • Pavlina Bogdanova

    Pavlina Bogdanova

    She is in charge of the training process and responsible for skills analyses and curriculum development in the VET Center. She has vast experience in training needs identification and curriculum development. She has worked in the VET sector for over 15 years, and has frequently organized trainings for disadvantaged persons, such as long-term unemployed and low qualified adults.

  • Violeta Dimitrova

    Violeta Dimitrova

    She is a curriculum developer and training coordinator at the DABS VET Center, with vast experience in curriculum development and training plan design. She coordinates the international mobility department at the VET centre. She has 10-year previous experience in non-formal education and youth training.

  • Vesela Panova

    Vesela Panova

    Mrs. Panova is a financial manager with over 12 years of experience in financial management and reporting for international projects.

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