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Project: „Ecological and Rural Tourism – an Alternative for Employment in the Region of Dobrich and Municipality of Antonovo“


EU PHARE Program through the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

Contract No.:

Period of implementation: April 2006 - February 2007
Project duration: 11 months
Total  value:

47 214 EUR, Grant amount: 42 493 EUR

Project partners:

ü International College Ltd. (Bulgaria)

ü Varna University of Management (Bulgaria)

ü INTER Accountant Company (Bulgaria)

ü International Management Institute NGO (Bulgaria)

Municipality of Antonovo (Bulgaria) – associated partner


Project objectives:

·         Increasing the possibilities for employment in the alternative tourism through practical training and consulting of unemployed specialists registered at the Dobrich labor office  within the Dobrich and Targovishte regions and Antonovo municipality

·         Increasing the employment qualification in the sphere of eco and rural tourism

·         Creating a sustainable environment which stimulates the innovations in the North-Eastern region through development and improvement of the regional innovative policy in the region

·         Establishing new work places

·         Creating a new model of consumer-oriented training in the rural and eco tourism entrepreneurship

Achieved results:

·         Developed new training curricula and qualification course “Entrepreneurship in the rural and ecological tourism. Management of Guest Houses and Alternative Tourist Sites“

·         Trained 60 unemployed individuals within the programme “Entrepreneurship of rural and ecological tourism. Organization of the small hotel (guest house) in ecotourism objects” with practical orientation to start up own business from the towns of Antonovo, Dobrich and Kavarna;

·         70 training handbooks ”Servicing standards for eco- and rural touristic places” were developed and printed and 500 leaflets with information about the project were distributed;

·         established Association of the employed in eco and rural tourism in Dobrudzha;

·         Prepared documentation for  the licensing of a new specialty “Rural Tourism”;

·         Three training seminars for the employed in the field of alternative tourism were conducted as well as other activities in favour of the employment promotion.