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The public-private partnership - a guarantee for transparency in local government of Kaolinovo Municipality

Program: 2004 Развитие на гражданското общество“, финансирана от Министерство на финансите

Contract No.:

СSDP–Lot 3.1-084
Period of implementation: December 2006 – June 2007
Project duration: 7 months
Total  value: 8 519 EUR
Project partners: Municipality of Kaolinovo

Project objectives:

·         To support the development of civil society in small municipalities such as Kaolinovo;

·         Development and implementation of preventive measures against the harmful impact of corruption in public procurement;

·         To encourage public procurement stakeholders to refrain from bribing.

Target groups:

·         Non-governmental organizations in Kaolinovo Municipality;

·         Municipal administration - included in the trainings;

·         Media - trained to implement media control;

·         Business enterprises that are potential participants in public procurement;

·         Other stakeholders and citizens, especially the minorities.


·         Establishment of a coalition of business organizations, non-governmental organizations and interested citizens, mainly of minority origin.

·         Preparation of a professional anti-corruption education package;

·         Implementing tools to increase access to information and civic participation;

·         Elaboration of tools for monitoring and control of the contracting authorities and contractors (business circles);

·         Using tools to increase transparency through institutional reforms.

Achieved results:

·         Enhanced transparency at local level;

·         Increased awareness of citizens and businesses about procurement procedures;

·         Trained media representatives and other stakeholders in the areas of Access to Information and Public Participation;

·         Initiated public debate and improved understanding of access to information;

·        Increased responsibility, civic engagement and strengthening civic self-awareness.