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Project: “Local Economic Development Planning of the Municipality Of Suvorovo”

Program: “Active Services on the Labor Market” Program, governed by the National Employment Agency in cooperation with the World Bank, Component ”Local Economic Development Planning”

Contract No.:

Period of implementation: December 2006 - June 2007
Project duration: 6 months
Total  value: 21 274 EUR

 Project objectives:

  •         Development of a cooperation between the social economic partners for increasing the capacity of the local society in the Souvorovo municipality for strategic planning;
  •          Creation of a general frame in which the activities in support of the local development are implemented with participation of all interested sides in the municipality under clear procedures, tasks and responsibilities;
  •          Encouragement of local economic potential for development  and better prerequisites for activating the labor market in the long run;
  •          Research and capacity-building in economic development planning of the community regarding mobilisation of the local alternative tourism resources (environmental, rural, fishing and cultural-historical resources);
  •          Elaboration of a communication strategy, information plan and promotional materials for promoting the local potential for alternative tourism and attraction of investments.

Achieved results:

·   60 unemployed persons obtained the chance to overcome the existing disparity between the acquired qualification, the professional skills and knowledge according to the  requirements of the real business practice. The formerly unemployed have developed particularly valuable entrepreneurial skills, fulfilling current conditions and they were acquainted with the specification of the entrepreneurship of the ecological and rural tourism. Furthermore, they have  improved their language and computer qualification and succeeded in developing skills for elaboration of a business plan, communication and orientation.

·      50 employed in the sphere of the eco-tourism  received the opportunity to share their problems with similar entrepreneurs, to ask questions, to receive advice by experienced specialists.

·         A strategy for developing the alternative tourism in the Suvorovo municipality was elaborated and a plan for  the realization of it was developed.

·     Developed partnership between the local social and economic partners regarding the long-term local economic development and increased capacity for strategic planning of the local community.