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Project: “PARTNER-NET: Resource network for reinforcement of the structures of civil society and effective partnerships at local level”

Program: Operation Programme “Administrative Capacity”, Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform

Contract No.:

Period of implementation: February 2008 – April 2009
Project duration: 14 months
Total  value: 121 280.47 EUR
Partner/s: “Economic 2000” Club - Sofia
Web-site of the project: http://partnernet.dabu-edu.org 


Objective: Improvement of the capacity of the NGOs sector as an active agent and partner in the public policy-making at local and regional level.


·         Established NGO resource network;

·         Improved capacity of the NGO sector for sustainability and active participation in process of decision-making at local and regional level;

·         Established pilot cluster model in the field of education, presenting a real mechanism for partnership between NGOs sector and the structures of the public administration at national level;

·         Improved public image of the NGOs sector as the leverage of civil participation and control in the day-to-day work of the public administration.