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Project MANAGE.EDU: Efficient Education Management Network for LLL in the Black Sea Basin 



Финансираща програма: Black Sea Basin Programme 2007-2013

Договор №:, MIS-ETC 2674
Период на изпълнение: June 2013 – December 2014
Продължителност: 18 months
Обща стойност:  

Lead partner: Centre for Civil Initiatives, Consultancy and Trainings (Varna, Bulgaria),


Dobrudja Agrarian and Business School (Dobrich, Bulgaria), Associated Partner

Namık Kemal University (Tekirdag, Turkey),

Caucasus University Fund (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Moldova State University (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

Ovidius High School (Constanta, Romania)

Taurida National V.I.Vernadsky University (Simferopol, Ukraine)
ИWeb-site of the project: www.manage-edu.net


Priority 3: Supporting cultural and educational initiatives for the establishment of a common cultural environment in the Basin, Measure 3.1: Promoting cultural networking and educational exchange in the Black Sea Basin


Overall objective: to build capacities for networking and transnational transfer of good practices of educational management in a multicultural environment, in view of strengthening the Education and Training systems in the Black Sea Basin and promoting regional development of Lifelong Learning (LLL).


·         Representatives of educational institutions, public authorities dealing with education, representatives of business and industry, participating in local workshops, seminars and trainings – 270 persons from 6 countries;

·          Experts in the field of education, participating in the expert workshops – 30 persons from 6 countries;

·          Educational institutions – 25 institutions participants in the MANAGE.EDU Network, incl. Partner institutions;

·          NGOs working in fields such as youth, culture, LLL, formal, non-formal and informal education, social issues and economic development – 6 organisations (one NGO per partner country);

·          Students – 50 students from the partner universities;

·          Media representatives – 60 media representatives from the partner countries;

·          General public using the Internet-based MANAGE.EDU tools – 1 000 online users and visitors.

Activities (work packages):

GA1 “Sustainable Transnational Networking on Education Management (MANAGE.EDU Network)”

GA2 “Development of Regional Action Plans (RAPs) for promoting efficient educational management in support of Lifelong Learning at the regional level”

GA3 “Transfer of good practices and innovations in educational management”

GA4 “Visibility of the Action: dissemination of results and raising awareness on Lifelong Learning”

GA 5 “Management, coordination and monitoring of the Action”


·         5 local workshops aimed at generating recommendations for improving the educational management capacities of the participating educational institutions - on the basis of exchange of experience and good practices  - in Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine, Oct.-Nov. 2013, 189 participants altogether;

·         On-line competition for best practices in education Management – 25.10.2013-28.12.2013, 60 submitted practices, 20 nominated best practices;

·         Black Sea Network for the Promotion of Efficient Educational Management (MANAGE.EDU Network) – partners +any interested organisation is requested to join (on-line tool for member presentation);

·         Inauguration seminar for the presentation of the Network – 25-26.03.2014 in Chisinau, Moldova, 35 presented organisations, 119 individual participants;

·         Pilot training programme for education managers – an on-line version as well.

·         Setting up a transnational team of experts tasked with 1) analyzing the development of LLL and educational management at national and regional level (preliminary research) and 2) developing RAPs for promoting efficient educational management;

·         Expert workshop focused on drafting 6 RAPs for the promotion of efficient educational management in each MANAGE.EDU region – 10.10.2014, Tbilisi, Georgia;

·         6 RAPs, including an analyses and policy sections for Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, and Turkey;

·         Local public discussions of the pilot RAPs - in each MANAGE.EDU region.

·         Pilot Training of Education Managers – 7-11.07.2014, Dobrich, Bulgaria

·         International Fair on LLL – 23- 24.09.2014, Dobrich, Bulgaria

MANAGE.EDU leaflet in 6 languages; www.manage-edu.net – over 83 700 visits and on-line training tool; over 60 media publications on the MANAGE.EDU Pilot Training of Education Managers; local visibility events in the partner countries and publications of scientific reports.