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The association is based in Varna and is a successful model of public-private partnership established in 1993, integrating organizations with a very wide scope - commercial companies, non-profit organizations and individuals, united by the idea of enhancing the quality of education and life in line with European trends and policies for sustainability and development. Initially, the association worked in the territory of Dobrich region and since January 2012, with a view to expanding its activities, its headquarters and management address have moved to Varna, and in Dobrich there is a separate branch of IMI.

The main areas in which the association operates are promoting the initiative, education and active participation of young people in economic and social life. The International Management Institute pays special attention to activities aimed at supporting people with fewer opportunities - vulnerable groups, people with special needs and groups at risk.

The unique representation of IMI is demonstrated by its membership community of more than 100 young people and 50 professors in the field of vocational and higher education, who carry out many initiatives and projects related to quality improvement in all areas of education, social and economic life. All of them take an active part in implementing the activity of the association, aimed at supporting the research, scientific, teaching activities in the field of human resources, tourism, economic and sociological sciences.

Our main activities cover inter alia:

·         Scientific and applied research in social sciences;

·         Entrepreneurship development, creation of micro-enterprises and self-employment;

·         Sustainable development;

·         Development of civil society and European society in Bulgaria;

·         Integration of young people in all social sectors and encouragement of youth initiative;

·         Support for the social integration of minorities and groups threatened by exclusion;

·         Human resource management and raising the quality of human capital;

The association has the following achievements:

·         implemented over 15 national and international projects under EU programs;

·         trained over 500 representatives of the state administration in the Republic of Bulgaria;

·         trained over 1,000 young people and young leaders in the framework of targeted projects and initiatives;

·         developed over 100 analyzes, strategies, training methodologies and applied scientific developments; developed over 20 thematic programs for training and qualification in different fields of science and public life, etc. 



13A Oborishte Street, 9000 Varna


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